What we are

We (omgoodnews.com) are a positive news outlet who strive to bring attention to the good news, and more importantly, the great people doing great things.

Since our foundation in February 2020, we’ve had the absolute pleasure of interviewing a wide range of people across the UK – and even beyond!

Why we’re different

Our sole purpose is to offer a different (and entirely positive) kind of news. While other amazing outlets like Positive.News and The Happy Newspaper exist, we do things a little differently.

Oh My Goodness is an entirely free outlet. We simply provide the option for readers to buy us a coffee if they like what we do and enjoy our stories, as we don’t particularly want to ruin our content with adverts.

To be honest, we’re just happy to have you reading and enjoying the goodness either way.

We also try to focus on being as engaging with our readers as possible on our socials, while also offering a different range of stories and in-depth interviews with people that may not have featured on other platforms.

How we share good news

Originally when we launched, we were sharing a good news story every day, because who doesn’t want a good news story in their feed every day?

The issue is, Oh My Goodness is run by a very small team. A decision was therefore taken to reduce story output to manage that.

Instead, we decided to focus more on the people stories that our readers love so well.

Think the amazing Surrey mum behind crochet postbox hats or the story of the Londoner who ran a foodbank from home. We want to produce more stories like those and less stories that haven’t had much journalistic work put into them.

Who we are

Our creator and editor is Connor Tovell.

Connor finished a degree in News Journalism at Cardiff University back in 2019 and decided he wanted to make his dissertation, which focused on creating a positive news outlet, a reality. After growing tired of the news which sometimes feels almost swamped with (not to discredit the incredible journalists sharing important stories) negative stuff, he wanted something which only focused on the good. And so, we were born.

How you can contact us

If you have a story or just fancy a general chat, we are free on our social channels found on our contact us page, but if you’d prefer to email you can contact us at connor@omgoodnews.com.

Thanks for visiting our website and taking an interest in the good news. If there’s anything else you want to know or need, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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