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Welcome to Oh My Goodness! Certainly not the first, and certainly not the last positive news website, Oh My Goodness aims to shout about the good in everyday life. The good people, the good deeds, people who inspire, just generally anything positive.

But it doesn’t stop there! Animals make people happy so we want to share pictures of as many as we can. I want to share anything that makes people happy! I want to shout about charities going the extra mile, the people doing their bit. Most importantly I want engagement from you, the readers!

Whether it be through replies, sending stories in, or even writing stories (I’m always open to contributors), I want to narrow the gap between reader and journalist and bring you into the everyday life of good news.

If you know me, I have a full time job. So to start with, this will take time. There will be days without stories, there will be times where all I’m doing is sharing other stories – but should that matter if it fits the bill of positive news?

I’m passionate about changing the way positive news is presented to us for the better, and I hope that the reason why you are here as well is because of that!

Please get in contact with me anytime for absolutely anything! Whether that be for a chat, or that you want to share something, or even a recommendation of what I should do.

I’m a one man army at the minute, but before long I’m sure this #KindnessRevolution will kick off. I’m really looking forward to what this brings and I want to say a big thank you for joining me on this journey of goodness.

Stay kind <3


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