The return of koalas to Australian rainforests and over £25,000 raised by the Stockport Spider-men for NHS staff

The kindness displayed by people never fails to warm us. From the Stockport Spider-men who have once again displayed this by starting a fundraiser that has almost exceeded its target six times over, to the team launching a platform to unite those across the world through music, we are all here to help each other and that is not getting forgotten 💚

Koalas are being released back into rainforests after the Australian bushfires

Koalas have begun to be released back into the Australian wild (Pascal Renet, Pexels)

Despite currently dealing with the coronavirus pandemic like the rest of the world, good news has emerged from Australia that the first rescued koalas are starting to be released back into the wild.

The koalas have been in the care of zoos and animal hospitals ever since the bushfires that ravaged Australia’s rainforests.

However, now that bushfire season has officially come to an end, rescuers have started to release these animals back to their natural habitat.

First released by Sydney-based conservation organisation, Science for Wildlife, the non-profit group released 12 of the animals back into the Blue Mountains at the end of March.

You can read more of this beautiful story here.

Stockport Spider-men fundraiser raises over £25,000

When they are not spreading joy to children across their local communities and inspiring others to dress up and do the same, the Stockport Spider-men have been raising money for the NHS.

A JustGiving page, set up by the pair we have previously featured, has smashed a fundraising target of £5,000 to support NHS staff and carers on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic.

The current fundraising figure stands at over a whopping £27,000. What a remarkable feat, well done guys! 👏

If you want to support their fantastic fundraiser you can do so here.

The Stockport Spiderman fundraiser has exceeded its £5,000 target by nearly six times.

‘Superchoir’ uniting communities across the globe through music

Superchoir has been helping lift spirits by providing a virtual space where people can connect during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic and current lockdown rules, people from across the globe have been using creative ways to stay engaged with others. After all self-isolation does not mean complete isolation.

One method that many have managed to do this is through music.

Last Thursday, in Cardiff, Superchoir was launched online as another way to do this.

Superchoir is a vibrant non-audition pop choir with three branches in Cardiff, the Valleys and Merthyr. It was launched in 2010 to create a space where everyone with a love for singing could shake off their worries, build authentic friendships and create incredible sounds together.

With new measures of self isolation and social distancing in effect across the country many people have been feeling anxious about their health, uncertain about the future, and isolated from society.

By launching a virtual singing group, Superchoir has already been helping to lift spirits and is providing a virtual space where people can connect with other amazing humans across the UK and spark feelings of joy and happiness.

Choir Motivator Emily Tonks said: “While our members may no longer be able hug each other, or catch up over a drink post-session, they can still stay connected online and maintain the important friendships they’ve made.

“For those of you that think you can’t sing, don’t worry. This isn’t about ability, it’s about building confidence, having fun and feeling amazing. So don’t let that stop you. Join our tribe of amazing humans.”

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing Superchoir group, you can visit their website here.

A fitness instructor has been leading a socially distanced street dance

A street in Cheshire has been participating in socially distanced dancing in a wonderful effort to get the whole road out and about.

Every day, fitness instructor Janet Woodcock, has been leading the dancing for around 10 minutes and it appears that most of the neighbourhood has been getting involved.

Now on its twelfth day, elderly residents and children, families and couples have been getting out, enjoying the fresh air and doing some exercise while ensuring they stay two metres apart as they jive together during the coronavirus lockdown.

You can read more of this lovely story here.

Bonus positive

The kindness displayed by Lancashire Police force in spreading some socially distanced cheer to a 6-year-old boy who wants to be a policeman when grows up. This deed will stick with him for the rest of his life 💚

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