90-year-old raises over £190,000 for the NHS and the website portal created to thank essential workers

Before we start today’s #FourForApril, I think we have to look in awe at how incredible it is that Captain Tom Moore has now raised over £22 million for the NHS. So incredible that it has inspired a remarkable woman to tackle the equivalent distance of a Highland mountain for the NHS and she has already raised more than an amazing £190,000.

In other positive news, the creation of a website portal to thank essential workers is just fantastic, the community of New Hampshire holding a socially-distanced parade for a four-year-old who just beat leukaemia is heartwarming and the 120 pen pals that a seven-year-old has made is just beautiful.

I loved reading these stories, I hope you do too 💚

90-year-old climbs stairs equivalent to mountain and raises more than £190,000 for NHS

Inspired by Captain Tom Moore, Margaret Payne is climbing her stairs the equivalent distance of a mountain for the NHS. (Pixabay)

A 90-year-old woman inspired by Captain Tom Moore is climbing the equivalent of Suilven (2,398 ft) on her staircase to raise money for the NHS and a hospice.

Margaret Payne, of Ardvar, Sutherland, has started to climb the height by making 282 trips upstairs.

Margaret said 99-year-old veteran Capt Moore, who has raised more than £22 million for the NHS through a charity garden walk, inspired her to do her own challenge.

The 90-year-old started the challenge last Sunday and expects it will take her around two months to complete.

Her initial target was set at £10,000 but yesterday donations had already passed £125,000.

Margaret has said she started the challenge to thank NHS and hospice staff who took care of her late husband Jim.

She first climbed Suliven in 1944 aged 15 with her sister, Elizabeth, but said she was never a hiker as she has suffered knee problems.

You can read more about Margaret’s story here, and if you would like to support Margaret’s amazing challenge you can visit her donation page.

Portal created for customers to say thanks to frontline workers

A new website has been set up for customers to show thanks to retail workers on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic. (Pixabay)

A new online hub has been created which allows customers to say thank you to supermarket retail staff on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis. 

#YourCustomersSayThankYou, created by Critizr, is a new platform which allows people in the UK to post online thank-you notes and messages of gratitude to local supermarket staff. 

Thank-you notes feature on the live feed alongside a map displaying the supermarket location.

The portal which launched nearly two weeks ago routes customers messages directly to stores, allowing staff to hear these comments.

CEO of Critizr, the company that helped set up the feed, told The Grocer: “We hope this new hub will provide a place for customers to publicly share their messages, stories and appreciation, whether it’s a local supermarket team going the extra mile for the elderly, or an act of kindness from a member of staff at the corner shop. 

“Acknowledgement and thanks will go a long way to boosting spirits and a sense of pride amongst shop workers and their colleagues over the coming months.”

You can show your appreciation to staff on the frontline on the #YourCustomersSayThankYou website here.

New Hampshire community gives four-year-old parade after beating cancer

A New Hampshire community joined together in celebrating the end of four-year-old Jack Winter’s chemotherapy. (Lisa Larsen, Pixabay)

A New Hampshire community joined together in showing their love for a four-year-old who has been battling leukaemia for the past three years.

After Jack Winter completed his final round of oral chemotherapy, his mother, Rebecca, wanted to do something special to celebrate his first day without needing medication.

Since lockdown restricted the possibility of throwing a party, Rebecca called on her neighbours in Newfields, New Hampshire, for help in celebrating.

After a Facebook request, Rebecca was overwhelmed with support from her “tiny town” to put a smile on her son’s face.

A parade of more than 100 cars drove by the Winter family home, some holding out balloons and others with signs like “Jack you rock” and “You did it.”

There was even a fire engine, police cruiser and a vehicle with Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Superman.

She told USA Today: “I turned around and looked at him and his mouth was just open, and this is a kid who talks constantly.

“He’s a really chatty 4-year-old and he was just silent, mouth open the entire time. … I could tell that he was really in awe which is hard to do with a four-year-old.”

In total, 113 vehicles turned up for the parade, some travelling as far as 50 miles just to help put a smile on Jack’s face.

You can read more about this absolutely heartwarming story here.

Boy makes 120 “virtual” friends after pen-pal plea

After a plea from his mum, children across the globe sent letters to a seven-year-old boy who had recently moved. (Gerhard Gellinger, Pixabay)

The internet has stepped up once again.

A boy who moved house last month during lockdown has made hundreds of new “virtual” friends.

After an appeal on Facebook from his mum, Harley Glen, seven, received more than 120 letters from children as far away as Australia, America and New Zealand.

Harley moved from Edinburgh to Harrogate in March and his mum, Ashley, did not want the move to be a “negative” experience for him.

Since the appeal, Ashley said he had received more than 120 letters from all over the world, as well as videos and voice messages and even some toys and seeds.

Harley has also made a friend closer to home, Millie, who will be at the same school, when they finally go back.

Harley told the BBC: “Thank you everybody for sending me the letters!”

You can read more about this lovely story here.

Bonus positive

Captain Tom Moore’s ‘Walk for NHS’ has now surpassed over £22 million and today he featured on the screens at Piccadilly Circus. Absolutely fantastic 👏💚

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