‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign exceeds 70,000 volunteers and Milan’s ambitious car reduction scheme after lockdown

Today’s #FourForApril features a lovely story about the ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign which is helping to combat loneliness during the coronavirus lockdown as over 70,000 people have signed up and Milan’s exciting plans to help maintain the drop in pollution from cars once stay-at-home measures are lifted.

In other lovely news, a man has raised over £10,000 for the NHS and Red Cross after doing a half-Ironman triathlon in his garden and the lovely story of a two-year-old who was adopted over Zoom despite to the cancellation of court hearings.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay safe 💚

‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign has more than 70,000 volunteers sign up

The ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ campaign has seen over 72,000 people sign up as volunteers. (Pixabay)

A campaign to help combat loneliness in care homes has had more than 72,000 volunteers sign up.

The ‘Adopt a Grandparent’ scheme pairs up “caring individuals” with care home residents, who then keep in touch via phone and video calls.

Launched by Surrey-based care home group Creating Happiness Daily, the campaign has enlisted people from all over the world trying to tackle loneliness.

Volunteers keep in touch with their adopted grandparent by calling, sending post or emails, and sending postcards or letters.

The group have said that the campaign will not stop after lockdown with those who choose to volunteer given the option to get involved for as long as they like.

You can read more about this great initiative here.

Milan plans to widely reduce car use after lockdown

After seeing the remarkable drop in pollution figures from lockdown, Milan has plans to reduce car use significantly when stay-at-home measures are lifted. (Connor Tovell)

Milan is planning to introduce one of Europe’s most ambitious schemes reallocating street space from cars to cycling and walking.

The northern Italian city and surrounding Lombardy region are among Europe’s most polluted, with figures showing that during lockdown motor traffic congestion has dropped by 30-75%, and air pollution with it.

Officials are hoping to fend off a resurgence in car use as residents return to work once stay-at-home measures are lifted.

The city has announced that 35km (22 miles) of streets will be transformed over the summer, with a rapid, experimental citywide expansion of cycling and walking space to protect residents after restrictions are lifted.

The Strade Aperte plan includes low-cost temporary cycle lanes, new and widened pavements, 30kph (20mph) speed limits, and pedestrian and cyclist priority streets.

You can read more about this exciting development here.

Amateur athlete raises over £10,000 for NHS and Red Cross by completing triathlon in garden

An amateur athlete has raised over £10,000 for the NHS and Red Cross by completing a half-Ironman challenge in his garden. (Pexels)

An amateur athlete has raised over £10,000 for the NHS and the Red Cross by completing a half-Ironman triathlon in his garden.

Neil Clark, a 51-year-old IT consultant from London, undertook an Ironman 70.3, which traditionally includes a 1.2-mile swim, a 56-mile cycle and a run of 13.1 miles.

He completed it without leaving his garden by cycling on a static bike, swimming in a three-metre pool tethered to his house via an elastic waistband, and running 1,700 laps of his lawn.

When Neil learned the first event he was due to take place in this year was cancelled, he decided to put his training to use by raising funds for NHS Charities Together and the British Red Cross instead.

After completing the triathlon in seven hours, 22 minutes and 25 seconds, Neil told PA: “What I did today was easy really, I’m not risking my life by jumping in a pool of water or running around in a circle.

“But these guys, I know every time they go in they’re putting themselves at risk.”

Neil chose the two charities as he has friends who work for the Red Cross, while two of his neighbours are NHS doctors.

You can help support Neil’s wonderful donation efforts here.

Two-year-old adopted over Zoom after lockdown cancelled court hearings

A two-year-old has been adopted over Zoom despite lockdown cancelling court hearings. (Anastasia Shuraeva, Pexels)

Coronavirus lockdown has stopped many things, but one thing not considered is the affect it may have had on children hoping to be adopted.

However, this lovely story shows that issue can be tackled.

This comes after a two-year-old was successfully adopted over Zoom despite lockdown cancelling court hearings.

Kimberly Wieneke and her husband had been foster parents for over a year and Jaden had been with them since last May.

After finding out that Jaden was going to be put up for adoption in February, the pair decided they had to adopt him.

After finalising April 16 as the day it would happen, they made special plans; but the coronavirus pandemic meant those plans had to change.

The pandemic has altered daily life around the world, especially court hearings and how they are conducted.

However, many are now done online, and Kimberly was delighted to learn that Jaden’s adoption would be no different.

Despite taking place over a Zoom call, Kimberly said the adoption was no less special.

She told KNWA: “Sometimes it feels like not real, I mean we sit and look at him and we’re like, ‘he’s ours.'”

You can read more about this lovely story here.

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These colourful cards sent to care home residents 💚

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