A step back today

In light of what is going on, we don’t feel it’s right to post a positive story today.

There is a struggle going on in the world right now, and while we have been silent on the matter, it’s not something we feel comfortable with not addressing anymore.

It is painful to sit here and say this at all. We cannot pretend we understand this because we don’t.

How can this beautiful world which has achieved so much marginalise anyone?

It’s hard to say we’ve achieved anything if the judgement of someone based on the colour of their skin still exists. And unfortunately, it does.

We need to do better. Justice has to prevail.

We really are a million miles behind a world that is just and fair.

Racism is not just a problem experienced in the US, it exists all around us and it is time to start making a stand.

We cannot pretend to sit here and understand the oppression our world has against black people. I’m a white male, how could I ever understand that?

We need to educate ourselves, open our eyes, listen, learn, do more and speak out, not just sit there and say “everyone matters equally”.

That is not the issue here.

You see, the murder of George Floyd was not the only time this has happened. Black people have been oppressed throughout history and why? How does someone’s ethnicity determine how safe they are, whether they’re searched by police or given a judgemental look.

I heard a quote the other day “it’s not enough not to be racist, we have to be anti-racist” and it could not be more on point.

If you sit there and pretend that racism is not an issue, you are part of the problem.

We will be back tomorrow, but that does not mean the problem will disappear tomorrow.

This is a fight that must be channelled by everyone.

There are an abundance of sources you can go to in trying to help educate yourselves. I need to learn more myself.

Below are a few posts that contain some of many ways that you can try to educate yourself and do better. We ourselves need to learn more, believe me.

If, like us, you are taking part in #BlackoutTuesday don’t just do it. Take it as a time to reflect, learn, understand, and most importantly DO NOT use the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag as it filters out a lot of the helpful information that needs to be seen.

Please do not hold judgement on those protesting.

We just cannot sit here and pretend that everything is fine and dandy because it is not.

See you again tomorrow 🖤

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