Northampton votes to give NHS Freedom of the Borough

The East Midlands town has given its local NHS the ‘Freedom of the Borough’ as recognition for their “outstanding” work during the coronavirus pandemic.

The motion proposed by Northampton Borough Council suggested the NHS be given the honour in recognition of the “outstanding services rendered to the residents during the Covid-19 emergency”.

The Northampton Chronicle reported that after a unanimous decision, a cross-party working group will be formed to look at how the honour should be granted.

Conservative council leader Jonathan Nunn praised the support offered from everyone for clap for the carers gesture, which has now stopped.

“It has shown an extraordinary demonstration of thanks from the public that has been unprecedented,” he said.

After a unanimous decision, Northampton has awarded its local NHS the ‘Freedom of the Borough’. (Tugce Gungormezler, Unsplash)

The motion at a full council meeting was seconded by Labour leader Danielle Stone, who called the health service “a jewel in the crown of Britain” and urged the need to make sure the NHS has a “more secure” foundation in the future.

“I’m pleased that the Government relieved the NHS of its debt and we need to look at things such as pay grades and career pathways. But this is a huge first step,” she said.

Liberal Democrat leader Sally Beardsworth said: “Where would we be without the NHS? Myself and my husband would probably not be here, as would many who have had treatment.

“They have been wonderful at this time, risking their lives to save others.”

The Freedom of the Borough has previously been awarded to Diana, Princess of Wales; Northamptonshire’s fire service and police force; and the Army’s 9th/12th Royal Lancers Regiment.

On this day…

In 1928… Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic as a passenger on the Fokker Friendship. Years later, Earhart would become the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

We love it when people rally together to help each other. Know any unsung heroes? Got any kindness stories? Send them in! We want the world to hear about good deeds from good people 🙂

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