Whippet smiles to victory in competition as pets style out the heatwave

Lily, a Whippet from Skipton, smiled her way to victory in a competition that was hosted by Tic Watches.

Summer is officially here! We’ve had a heatwave and a nice thunderstorm to follow it up, can it get anymore British than that?

As Brits have reached for their sunglasses, some of the nation’s pets have joined in on the action too, and we are most certainly here for it.

From a cat that could well have been the fifth member of the Beatles to a German Shepherd that wants to make sure you’ve done your homework, the competition hosted by Tic Watches, had over 130 entrants.

The watch and sunglasses specialist scoured the nation for the most brilliant and hilarious photos of our furry friends wearing shades and decided it was Lily, a nine-year-old Whippet, who stole the show.

Lily, a Whippet from Skipton, stole the show with her dazzling smile in tortoiseshell glasses. (Claire Burke)

Claire Burke’s pooch was crowned the winner from the size of her smile alone and she has clearly loved the summer months while rocking her tortoiseshell glasses. 

Claire, 55, said: “Lily loves getting out and about in the Yorkshire sunshine, as you can see from the joy in her face! She’s a wonderful dog and totally deserves her recognition – we’re thrilled to win.”

As reward for her beaming smile, Claire received a new Tommy Hilfiger watch from the Tic Watches range, worth up to £300.

Danny Richmond, Managing Director of Tic Watches, said: “There were some amazing entries in our competition, with pets of all shapes and sizes getting involved.

“But we couldn’t resist Lily’s massive grin and we’re delighted to provide her owner Claire with a brand new watch.”

The top three were as follows:

1. Lily (Whippet)

Owner: Claire Burke (Skipton)

Lily smiled her way to victory and was named top dog, winning her owner, Claire, a brand new designer watch. You can follow more of Lily and her sister Fern’s adventures on the Dogs in the Dales Facebook page. 

2. Cara (Scottish Fold)

Owner: Victoria Minihane (Birmingham)

Cara is one cool cat. We believe she most certainly could have been the fifth member of the beatles in another life with her snazzy John Lennon-esque sunglasses.

3. Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier cross-breed)

Owner: Adam Law (Hamilton)

Morkie (a name we most certainly love) is not only enjoying the sun in her snazzy sunglasses, but is living her best life tucking into a ice cream wafer, arguably one of the finest of treats for a hot summers day.

You can enjoy some of the other hilarious entries below:

To see more fantastically silly photos of pets in glasses you can see more of the entries on Tic Watches’ website.

On this day…

In 1898… Joshua Slocum completed the first recorded solo circumnavigation of earth. During the three-year, 46,000-mile journey around the globe, he endured storms, pirates and clashes with native islanders.

We love it when people rally together to help each other. Know any unsung heroes? Got any kindness stories? Send them in! We want the world to hear about good deeds from good people. More importantly, have a good day! 🙂

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