Shell-ebration as missing Exeter tortoise ‘hands itself in’

Exeter Police officers were shell-shocked last Friday as a missing tortoise handed “itself in” to the station.

Pasquale, who had gone missing from his Exeter home five days earlier, “infiltrated the grounds” of Exeter Police station, about half a mile away (800m) from his home.

After being discovered, officers took him into the station and he was looked after by PC Maria Canning until his owners could be found.

Pascale was spotted on the grounds of the station. (Devon & Cornwall Police)

“Last Friday officers at Exeter Police Station spotted that an animal visitor had infiltrated the grounds. A local tabby roaming around is a regular sight, but officers have never seen a lost tortoise hand itself in before,” said Devon and Cornwall Police on Facebook.

While he was looked after by PC Canning, Pasquale was treated to a “VIP tour” of the Exeter Police Station which only opened earlier this year.

His tour included the new custody centre where staff were “delighted” to give him a glimpse at what goes on behind the scenes.

Pasquale was given a “VIP” tour of the station. (Devon & Cornwall Police)

PC Canning, who is a tortoise owner herself, said: “Pasquale was very lucky and had to cross some busy roads to get here. He had a great little holiday and we’re all really glad he got home safe.”

On this day…

In 1980… Phạm Tuân lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan aboard the Soyuz 37 with Soviet cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko. Tuân would become the first Vietnamese citizen and the first non-Soviet Asian in space.

We love it when people rally together to help each other. Know any unsung heroes? Got any kindness stories? Send them in! We want the world to hear about good deeds from good people. More importantly, have a good day! 🙂

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