Carer makes heartfelt gesture for care home patient who lost husband

A carer from Godalming went above and beyond for one of the patients in her home after they lost their husband of 71 years. 

Throughout the pandemic there have been an unprecedented number of everyday heroes working on the frontline, not least those in care homes looking after our loved ones. 

Many carers in homes develop great friendships with those they are caring for and this particular carer-patient friendship is like no other.

One carer, Lisa Gorman, 44, from Godalming demonstrated the true meaning of kindness after one of her newly appointed patients, now considered a close friend, Grace Evans, lost her husband, John Evans. 

Lisa (left) and John (right) were married for 71 years and spent the final years of John’s life in care together.

“I had seen on social media people making memory bears from loved one’s clothes. My skills aren’t quite up for making bears, but I thought a cushion would be better and more suited for Grace,” Lisa told Oh My Goodness.

Grace had been married to John for 71 years, and the care home helped them spend their final years together with Grace regularly cooking John fresh vegan meals and helping to keep him well.

Lisa cared for John for over two years and had met Grace through John, but after his passing Grace became one of Lisa’s patients and a close friend of hers as well.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, coronavirus only brought the pair closer together and they learned that they had a shared passion of sewing and embroidery. 

Lisa decided to get one of John’s shirts turned into a pillow so that Grace would always have it as.a memento.

A few weeks after John’s passing, Lisa decided she wanted to do something special for Grace. 

After researching into ways that she could turn items of John’s into a memento that Grace could keep forever, Lisa found the perfect gift.

“Within a few weeks of his passing. I wasn’t sure if it was the right time to ask for one of John’s shirts because it’s a very emotional time but also, I didn’t want to wait too long in case she gave his clothes away, and I missed my chance. 

“Once I explained what I wanted the shirt for Grace was excited to see how it turned out,” she added.

Lisa chose one of John’s favourite shirts from Grace and had it sent off to be made into a cushion and heart that Grace could keep with her.

Grace’s reaction was of overwhelming gratitude, but Lisa was just happy that she could do something for her friend.

Lisa says that Grace now “proudly” shows off John’s shirt in his old chair and that all her family and friends have commented on how lovely it was.

“As carers we are always encouraged to go above and beyond for our customers no matter how smaller act of kindness it might be. I feel this was a nice surprise for Grace and something that hasn’t been done before,” she added.

You can learn more about this amazing deed from Lisa on the Helping Hands Home Care website.

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