The creative coronavirus lockdown heroes

Across the globe, as restrictions have come into place to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been lost and bewildered as to what to do. Staying in is what’s right to protect our health services and save lives, but for many of us this is a new reality.

However, some people have been creative with this. From hosting P.E. classes to pub quizzes, here are a few lockdown heroes making this period that little bit easier for everyone.

P.E. with Joe

With isolation well and truly underway, and schools shut, it has become a difficult time for children and parents. One man helping to make this a little bit easier is Joe Wicks.

Famous for his bestselling books and work-out regimes on YouTube, Joe has set up sessions to ensure children are still exercising despite current restrictions.

From 9am Monday-Friday Joe goes live on his YouTube channel to host a 30 minute workout class for kids of all ages (although it not just strictly for kids). Hoping to have fun and inspire each other, Joe is not only helping people across the globe to stay healthy but also making sure they don’t break the lockdown rules in place.

If this was not selfless enough, it has also surfaced that Joe is donating “every single penny” of the money made from his online P.E. sessions to the NHS, what a hero! You can check out Joe’s wonderful sessions here.

Online clubbing parties

With pubs and nightclubs shut as part of lockdown many people feel that a massive part of their enjoyment on weekends has disappeared.

That’s when musicians like D-Nice have stepped in to save the fun.

D-Nice has been using social media as a positive platform to ensure that people don’t miss out on their party nights. Dubbed ‘Club Quarantine’, D-Nice has been uniting hundreds of thousands, including celebrities, in a time when it seems like we’re all a million miles away from each other.

Many others have been extra creative, Rachel Leary even made the BBC News theme tune work as the party scene’s next big banger, and we love it!

Social distance book clubs

Reading is wonderful. It gives you a release from everyday life, but equally, if you want to, it offers you a medium to connect with others who have read that same book so you can fangirl over a certain narrative.

With lockdown extending out by the day, many have been joining together across social media to read along together. Author Robert Macfarlane kicked off a discussion of Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain on Twitter using the hashtag #CoReadingVirus, which alone is the sort of creativity we love.

If you have been thinking about joining a social distanced book club, you can take your pick from a wonderful list composed by The Guardian here.

Twitter TV show watch sessions

In today’s age with Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+, you’d struggle to find anyone who wasn’t binging a TV series while we’re all trapped inside. But that alone can be a lonely experience, especially when you might be doing so by yourself.

Through the beautiful medium of Twitter, fantastic people like Emily Cook have organised watch alongs of shows like Doctor Who together, so fans really aren’t that far away from each other at all. The stars of the show have been joining in too – a certain Eleventh Doctor joined in with some of the cast in tweeting along through ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ and we simply love this.

Keep an eye on Twitter for your favourite shows to see if any other productions are doing something as awesome as this is!

Kitchen Quarantine

Another way to occupy the time at home is to get creative with cooking. One man uniting people in their kitchens around the world is Massimo Bottura. Massimo is an Italian restaurateur and the chef patron of a three-Michelin-star restaurant based in Modena, which has been listed in the top 5 at The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards; so it’s fair to say he can make some pretty impressive food.

The upbeat nature of Massimo’s videos alone make them a joy to watch, but for someone looking to find a creative way to make use of leftover food, it’s a delight. Massimo even branches to desserts too, so the world is truly your oyster; or cheesecake, oysters don’t really work for dessert…

You can check out Massimo’s brilliant videos here.

Virtual museum tours

Who doesn’t love a good museum? Being stuck in lockdown means that it’s no longer possible to go and learn about our favourite period in history or indulge ourselves in the works of Van Gogh.

Fret not! Thousands of museums have created systems where it is possible to have a virtual tour from the comfort of your own home. So sit back, relax, put your feet up, and learn about the history of Tutankhamun with a nice brew.

Hyper Allergic has put together a great list of museums you can visit virtually here.

Mini Instagram gigs

There is honestly nothing like music. It can lift ones spirits, unite thousands together and put us at ease when we need it to.

Our wonderful digital age has allowed musicians such as Chris Martin and Bastille’s Dan Smith to host music sessions live for thousands of music fans to join along and connect with from the comfort of their own home.

These are the sort of things we are really thankful for.

Online pub quizzes

Pub quizzes are a special kind of fun. There’s something about heading to the pub with your mates, signing up with a silly team name and getting three out of 60 questions right that is really unique.

Now we’re all succumbed to lockdown, many thought this would not be possible for months. Some heroes such as the gentleman below have gone out of their way to ensure that the fun of getting a question right that you never knew you had the correct answer to, will not stop.

Hundreds have been hosting pub quizzes to keep those in isolation across the globe occupied and on their toes. For this, we are thankful.

The internet can be a truly remarkable place sometimes. When things are tough, it’s difficult to remember that. There is always kindness, there is always light. Things will get better.

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