Social distancing Spider-Men, Gin distilled hand sanitiser and a new cancer discovery

From social distancing Spider-Men helping to bring joy to local communities to Gin distilled hand sanitiser for the Metropolitan Police, in a time like this, kindness is prevailing more than ever.

Every day this month I will be sharing four positive stories under the hashtag #FourForApril in the hope that it can help take minds off the negative side of this. Please enjoy, and remember to stay hopeful. This will be beaten 💚

Stockport Spider-Men spread cheer in lockdown

Two friends have joined forces to put smiles on the faces of children in their local communities. The ‘Spider-Men’ have been journeying through their area whilst following strict government guidelines when out and about ensuring they keep social distancing in place. They have also encouraged people to shout from their window but to not come outside to make sure others don’t break these restrictions.

The Spider-Men have encouraged many to get creative with signs to get their attention as children wait eagerly by their windows.

The Facebook group the pair created has been overwhelmed with support and love. It was only set up yesterday but now has at over 1,500 members. Inundated with requests, both now plan to keep going on their daily runs to spread cheer to as many people as possible.

You can learn more about the heartwarming joy the Spider-Men pair Jason Baird and Andrew Baldock are spreading here.

Kindness prevails as over £490,000 is raised to provide hot meals for NHS workers

There’s no denying that the real heroes in all of this are our NHS workers. But after 18 hour shifts, staff have been left with closed canteens and only vending machine food for dinner.

That’s where a group of nine friends have helped to save the day! The group have helped to build a platform that has raised over £490,000 to provide hot meals for NHS workers.

The group of Londoners who felt ‘compelled to help’ with friends and loved ones working in the NHS, have delivered hundreds of meals to hungry NHS staff, and now have demand for 15,000+ meals from over 20 hospitals in the UK.

The non-profit ensures that 100% of donations goes towards getting meals to hospital workers (including food, delivery costs and payment processing fees). You can help them reach their target here.

Gin distilleries have made hand sanitiser for Metropolitan Police officers

Staff in the Metropolitan Police’s Commercial Services department came up with the idea of using the alcohol industry as an alternative source for the supply of hand sanitisers.

After holding talks with a range of gin distilleries and breweries, many offered to supply hand sanitiser to the force.

Ensuring health and safety guidelines were met, an agreement was reached with different government bodies and the proposal was approved.

The Portobello Road Gin distillery in Notting Hill, 58 Gin Ltd in Haggerston and Copper Rivet Distillery in Chatham are among the distilleries who will be providing hand sanitisers for the Met.

You can read more about this wonderful initiative here.

New blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer

It may not be coronavirus related, but in another win for the incredible scientists of this world, a new blood test can supposedly detect more than 50 types of cancer.

The test is based on DNA that is shed by tumours and found circulating in the blood and focuses on chemical changes to this DNA, known as methylation patterns.

Researchers say the test cannot only tell whether someone has cancer, but can shed light on the type of cancer they have.

You can read more about this incredible discovery here.

A new blood test may be able to detect more than 50 different cancers. (ThisIsEngineering, Pexels)

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