Postmen in fancy dress and students building protective face masks for health workers

From postmen making deliveries in fancy dress helping put smiles on locals faces, to the secondary school students helping to build protective equipment for health workers, here are some of the people doing lovely small deeds in these dark times 💚

Postmen deliver mail in fancy dress to cheer up families

Postmen from Sunderland, Nottinghamshire and Cork in completely unrelated, but equally joyous circumstances, have been wearing fancy dress when delivering post, much to the delight of locals.

Jon Matson, from Sunderland, Glen Walton from Nottinghamshire and Kevin Ruby from Cork have been helping to put smiles on the faces of those isolating across the UK.

Jon who has so far dressed up as a cheerleader and Little Bo Peep in a bid to lift people’s spirits also takes part in the Boxing Day Dip in South Shields every year for charity Cancer Connections, so had a collection of costumes ready and waiting to be used.

Glen, who is also a local wrestler under the alias ‘Postie Malone’, has so far dressed as a wrestler and Princess Anna of Arendelle. He told the BBC: “I just wanted to cheer myself up and everyone else up.”

Kevin, from Cork, has been hailed by householders as one of the humble heroes of the COVID-19 outbreak. He told the Irish Mirror: “Any bit of humour is a help and twas nice to see smiles and laughs coming out of windows or at the door in the tough times we are in.”

A whole street came together for a socially distanced cuppa

Neighbours in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, organised a ‘social distance cuppa’ after one person living on their street said she felt lonely.

Adhering to the social distancing measures in place, neighbours maintained two metres between them as they came out into the road to drink tea and chat last Saturday.

Another communal cuppa brought out even more residents on Tuesday, and one resident said they might organise another get together to celebrate a neighbours’ upcoming birthday.

Secondary school students have started making 3D printed face shields to protect health workers

Two students at an Irish school have put their science knowledge to good use, hoping to build protective equipment for health workers. (Fernando Arcos, Pexels)

Two students at an Irish secondary school have revealed an impressive production line for personal protection equipment for healthcare workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pair from Kinsale Community School (KCS) in Cork have started making 3D printed face shields to protect front line staff in hospitals and nursing homes.

Given their science knowledge and the 3D printer at the school, both contacted their headteacher last week about the possibility of making vital protection gear for healthcare workers and are now in the process of rolling out the new equipment.

You can read more about the brilliant collaboration from the two students here.

A housing association, charity and business joined forces to deliver over 120 bags of food to its local community

Community Gateway, a Preston-based housing association joined forces with charity Fare Share, and local food and wine grocery Booths Country, to deliver food to over 120 different people in the community.

If that wasn’t enough kindness, Community Gateway have also built a dedicated team to provide support to its elderly and vulnerable tenants. The housing association is not shy when it comes to supporting others and has also collaborated with Preston Domestic Violence offering a confidential helpline.

Bonus positive

Jason Baird, one of the Spider-Men spreading joy mentioned in yesterday’s article has shared on his page that many other superheroes are joining forces across the globe to spread joy.

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