Streets joining together to sing Happy Birthday to neighbours turning 100 and the publishing house donating books to communities

Today’s #FourForApril, displays once again a warming amount of kindness, but at the same time highlights the issue of loneliness. In an age when we have the internet, it’s actually easier than ever to find yourself feeling lonely. It’s not difficult to stay trapped in a bubble. If you feel like that at all, reach out, there is always someone who will listen and who cares. Equally, why not check up on someone else too, a message could make their day. Stay kind 💚

Streets have been joining together in wishing Happy Birthday to neighbours who have turned 100

In a period where it’s easier than ever to find yourself feeling lonely, streets across the globe have been banding together to wish their neighbours a socially distanced Happy Birthday as they turned 100.

From Devon to Shropshire, Romsey and even New Jersey, communities have, while maintaining distance, joined together in wishing their eldest neighbours a happy birthday.

A street in Northamptonshire sang to 100-year-old Gordon, who served in Egypt in World War II, to remind him that even though his party at the local bowls club was cancelled, everyone is still thinking about him.

A street in Devon sang happy birthday in unison to George as he stood at his front door bewildered and warmed by the lovely deed.

A Street in Romsey also came together to sing happy birthday to 100-year-old Kath Mapp who has lived there for more than 50 years.

Lexie Wellman, who has known Kath for five years, organised the celebration by handing leaflets to doors across the road and a long time friend of hers baked a special cake for her. You can read more about that lovely story here.

Even as far as New Jersey, streets have been joining together to wish their neighbours happy birthday as they turned 100. From posters to balloons, everyone stood outside their homes to make sure Frank Uveges had a day he will never forget.

Penguin Random House UK is sending free books to communities most affected by coronavirus

Publishing house Penguin Random House UK is distributing free books to communities most affected by coronavirus. (Lina Kivaka, Pexels)

Penguin Random House UK is distributing free books to some of the communities most affected by the coronavirus crisis, including families on low incomes and older people facing isolation.

Penguin has pledged to help those in isolation in the hope of providing mental stimulation, company and comfort at a time when people are not quite sure what to do.  

They are distributing books through Neighbourly, a community platform which supports foodbanks and causes that deliver food parcels to people’s homes.

Their donations have so far supported causes from UK Harvest, Rhythms of Life and The Bus Shelter Ipswich.

If you would like to learn more about this fantastic initiative from Penguin Random House UK and the causes they are supporting, you can visit their Neighbourly campaign page here.

Scottish pet shop ensures local animals will be looked after during lockdown

Johnstone Pet Shop in Renfrewshire has been working to make sure all pets are well looked after during the coronavirus pandemic. (Helena Lopes, Pexels)

A Renfrewshire pet shop is making sure animals will be well looked after throughout lockdown.

Johnstone Pet Shop, has been collecting food to give to vulnerable pet owners who are struggling to pay for food for their animals.

A basket has already been filled with food ready to hand over to Renfrewshire Foodbank, which is also providing three-day emergency food parcels to pet owners experiencing financial problems.

It has, however, not just been food people have been generously donating, with coats, toys and medicine for animals in need also available to those who need them.

Food for animals such cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and fish is regularly donated and handed over to the foodbank for distribution.

The shop has also gone out of their way to support vulnerable pet owners during the lockdown by providing a delivery service for food and medicine.

You can read more about the great work from Johnstone Pet Shop here.

Students in a Manchester College are making protective face shields for NHS and hospice staff

Students in Manchester have been building face masks to support NHS staff and carers on the front line. (Andrea Piacquadio, Pexels)

Throughout this pandemic, the innovative thinking of students to help health workers on the front line has not stopped.

We previously bought you stories about schools and colleges donating equipment to NHS staff and the students in Ireland building protective face masks with the use of a 3D printer.

Now a college in Greater Manchester has joined the endless list of those offering support to the NHS.

Students at Hyde Community College in Tameside are now making protective face shields for NHS staff and hospice workers in their school’s technology department.

So far, the equipment has been donated to Tameside Hospital and to a local hospice to help protect those on the front line during the coronavirus crisis.

Caroline Brett, who works in the design and technology department at the school, said there has been a ‘massive team effort’ from everyone to make the masks.

The school still remains open for the children of key workers, but her and a colleague, Matthew Brogan, have even been going in on their days off to help with the project.

You can read more about the great work from Hyde Community College here.

Bonus positive

Kindness displayed by neighbours shows no sign of slowing down and we love it 💚

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