Letters sent to care homes and the small act from doctors easing worried patients

Words are incredible. They can put minds at ease, make people feel special, they have the power to achieve anything. In today’s #FourForApril, they do just that. From the warm letters being sent by children to care home residents to the small act doctors have been doing to make patients feel more comfortable, the strength of saying something nice must never be forgotten 💚

Care homes across the UK are being sent letters with love

Children across the UK have been sending letters of love to care homes to cheer up residents in these difficult times. (Pexels)

Children across the UK have been sending letters with love to care home residents.

One pair from Birmingham said they were sad to think of older people without visitors or outside contact because of the coronavirus lockdown at residential homes so decided to draft up letters and post them to care homes. You can read more about them here.

An East Lancashire care home said it was ‘overwhelmed’ after they were sent dozens of creative and colourful pieces to cheer up residents unable to see friends and loved-ones during the coronavirus outbreak. You can read more here.

Schools in Kent and Worcester have also worked together to collate a range of letters and pictures as children across the country want to turn a difficult time into something that brightens up the local community.

Healthcare workers around the world are attaching photos of themselves smiling to protective clothing to ease worried patients

The heroes of the coronavirus outbreak, healthcare workers and doctors on the frontline, have been doing a small deed to put patients minds more at ease.

To make patients feel more comfortable, nurses and doctors have been attaching pictures of themselves smiling with their names on their protective clothing.

The move was sparked by a doctor from San Diego.

Robertino, who works at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego, took to his Instagram and shared a picture of himself dressed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with his face and name attached to his hazmat suit.

In his post, he explained that, “Yesterday, I felt bad for my patients in ER when I would come in the room with my face covered in PPE. A reassuring smile makes a big difference to a scared patient. So today I made a giant laminated badge for my PPE. So my patients can see a reassuring and comforting smile.”

Robertino’s small act was immensely appreciated by the internet, and doctors from across the world have since been doing the same to reassure those that are scared, making it easier to connect with patients.

Artwork pieces become online puzzles

(Tim Gouw, Pexels)

The Cooper Gallery in Barnsley has transformed its collections into online jigsaws.

Puzzle fanatics from around the world have been competing to solve them in the quickest time during the coronavirus lockdown.

The Cooper Gallery is home to 17th to 20th Century paintings, and each day is sharing a digital puzzle based on a piece from its collection of about 400 works on social media.

The best times for each puzzle are then displayed on a leaderboard.

This has sparked many other museums around the world to share the gallery’s puzzles on Twitter.

You can read more about this brilliant story here.

10 million Easter eggs, sweets and biscuits are being donated to care homes in Belgium

10 million Easter eggs are being donated to care homes across Belgium. (Pexels)

Belgium’s chocolate-makers are donating 10 million Easter eggs, sweets and biscuits to help make Easter that little bit special for those living and working in both care homes for the elderly and institutions.

Chocolatiers of Belgium want to give a special thanks to those that look after vulnerable youngsters and adults.

The federation of Federation of Belgian chocolate, biscuit and sweet makers Choprabisco said: “Quite a number of Belgians will have a very different Easter this year due to the corona crisis. However, Belgium’s chocolate-makers want to ensure that everyone can still enjoy some delicious chocolate”.

The products that have been donated include thse products that won’t be able to be sold due to the corona crisis and products that have been made especially for the homes, Choprabisco’s Chairman Jos Linkens told journalists.

Mr Linkens added that the initiative has been well-received and that small, medium-sized and large chocolate-makers are donating their products.

Bonus positive

The health service going the extra mile in Newcastle building ‘positivity boxes’ for those who need to self-isolate.

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