Google creates tool that helps people keep social distance

The augmented reality project creates a virtual six-feet or two-metre radius ring around the user that is visible on their phone.

Google’s newest tool, “Sodar”, is designed to help people visualise distance better as countries across the globe have started to ease their lockdown restrictions.

Similar to the technology used in mobile games Pokemon Go and most recently Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, augmented reality is when virtual content is layered over real-world information.

The system is currently only available on the web, so does not require an app to work, but does require the user to be using the Chrome browser on an Android device.

While it currently only works on select Android phones that support augmented reality, it is unclear whether the function will extend to iPhones at a later date.

An example of the Sodar app which hopes to help users follow the recommended social distancing guidelines.

When the user launches the software, the web app claims that Sodar cannot see your saved images or what your camera is looking at despite creating a 3D map of your environment using the track camera motion.

To use it, users need to point their phone at the ground and move it around so that the program can map out the space.

Google recently added an extension to its Maps feature which finds accommodation for health workers and offers greater wheelchair accessibility information.

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